martes, 28 de junio de 2011

History the mystery

This is a history the mystery were use the adverb only once.

The sunday for the night I and my family go to the farm.It was raining heavily. I couldn't see clearly. I drove slawly. Suddenly, I saw a mn very high and thin. He was dressed neatly and was front the we. I stopped the car quickly. He looked at me strangely and disappeared.Then
appeared behind the me, I see for the rearview and there.The he smiled happily and walked away quietly.
Nervously, I drove to my farm and asked the farmer about the man. Do you know her? I asked. Oh yes, he said calmy. That's LORENZO. He died ten years ago on that road.

Good bye with is tails "Use your imagination, not to scare, unless to inspire achieve it unimaginable"...............

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