martes, 28 de junio de 2011

History the mystery

This is a history the mystery were use the adverb only once.

The sunday for the night I and my family go to the farm.It was raining heavily. I couldn't see clearly. I drove slawly. Suddenly, I saw a mn very high and thin. He was dressed neatly and was front the we. I stopped the car quickly. He looked at me strangely and disappeared.Then
appeared behind the me, I see for the rearview and there.The he smiled happily and walked away quietly.
Nervously, I drove to my farm and asked the farmer about the man. Do you know her? I asked. Oh yes, he said calmy. That's LORENZO. He died ten years ago on that road.

Good bye with is tails "Use your imagination, not to scare, unless to inspire achieve it unimaginable"...............

"The traffic drugs"

I Took this topic because is very important in the present day.
Now in venezuela the traffic drugs is an illegal industry. In the wide world to sell drugs illegal to sell drugs.

I made four sentemes, two positive and two negative:
It's likely that traffic drugs will be doni sameday in venezuela.
I bet that the police won't allow traffic drugs keep working in venezuela.

It's unlikely that the police catch the dealers.
I doubt that in the world there not be the traffic drogs.

I'll say good bye with this pharase "the best mirror is an old friend".........

" To my dad on his day"

This is a poem for the father´s day where we express our love to theme.

"To my dad on this day"
Daddy,I love you for all that you do.
I'll kiss you and hug you, because you love me,too.....
"on this father's day" I'll say goog bye and happy day.

So take core so much I´ll always be your daughter........